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HMAS Sydney memorial [47]
Knobby Head [19]
Cave Point [269]
Marbellup Brook, Mutton Bird Island [93]
ThermoMix at work, dawn, notSalmon Holes [173]
Padre White Trail [118]
old concrete fuel tanks [28]
Bibbulmun Track and Harbour views [47]
SandPatch, with dolphins surfing [625]
Sunset from Mt Melville [225]
Stroll along Frenchman Bay Road, Bibbulmun Track to coast [231]
Dawn across Princess Royal Harbour [126]
Sandpatch (windmills, stairs) [380]
up Mt Melville around sunset [74]
tip trucks, being tipped [144]
Wagon Hill, etc [65]
dawn across Princess Royal Harbour [130]
a windy day on Torndirrup Peninsula [1382]
thru Robinson to Sandpatch [164]
a still Harbour [34]
a walk on the Harbour [60]
another stroll on Princess Royal Harbour [152]
Denmark River, Ocean Beach, Lights Beach [282]
low tide? [216]
behind Isthmus Hill [681]
The Bridge, The Gap, The Blowholes [241]
Sandpatch to Mutton Bird Campsite [131]
the Gap, then Cable Beach [352]
Windpatch [282]
windy, yes [261]
sunset [62]
PCBs and things [33]
colourful yet still dawn [66]
churning Sandpatch [114]
cloudy, yet still dawn [90]
Perth CBD lights across the Swan River [12]
Padre White Trail [116]
steepleJacking at Sandpatch [144]
towards the beach from The Bridge [263]
much of Mass Rock Trail [126]
Sunset in a gap [64]
Cable Beach... plus [319]
back towards Cable Beach [387]
beach behind the Bridge [387]
eastwards in Sandpatch [242]
loop on Mount Clarence [173]
Cave Point, The Bridge, The Gap [186]
21:00 fireworks [359]
the eastern side of Sandpatch [172]
high-swell Blowholes [243]
bushwalk and boats [148]
Torndirrup coast [281]
Colourful sunset [157]
Sandpatch central-Western plus paragliders [455]
bushfire remains [59]
slightly more mature bushfire zone [123]
beaches East of Wind Energy Converter 15 [466]
Beaches to the West of Wind Energy Converter 15 [322]
West Cape Howe [279]
Circuit Trail, Burt St to behind ASHS [89]
Cloudy dawn across Princess Royal Harbour [56]
Cable Beach and beyond [259]
a Glowing Panorama after sunset [58]
Sandpatch headed Eastwards [368]
Granite Link [88]
The Bridge and The Gap [86]
Mueller Street temporarily dirt [41]
a stroll across to the Quarry [109]
stroll uphill along North edge of Quarry [57]
A smokey Mount Barker sunset [41]
Padre White Trail, Granite Trail, Circuit Trail [238]
most of Mass Rock Trail [161]
Cable not Beach [217]
surfers at Sandpatch [651]
a still Princess Royal Harbour [35]
a coloured dawn [91]
a walk up the hill [91]
stroll East along Sandpatch [458]
Albany Waterfront Marina / Mount Adelaide / King George Sound [80]
calm sunset with cloud patterns [159]
windy Bridge, Gap and Blowholes [565]
Point Possession [163]
the Lighthouse up to the Coastal Defense Bunker [148]
turbulent Blowholes [136]
Mount Clarence Trails [154]
Sharp Point then sunset over Princess Royal Harbour [147]
Cable Beach ½way to Blowholes [224]
The Bridge ½way to Sharp Point [216]
firebreak walk at Torndirrup edge [172]
swell by Blowholes [333]
Coastline below WEC15 and WEC16 [150]
not-so-windy Blowholes [369]
past Dog Rock II [186]
Spring amble on South slopes of Mt Clarence [108]
from Burt St/Hare St up Mt Clarence [88]
plants around Mt Clarence [124]
clear sunset [89]
a (mostly) clear sunset [117]
Gap, Bridge and sunset [259]
from WEG15 on down [57]
Annotated images [5961]

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